Safe Buy

What is “SAFE BUY!”(S.B)?

“SAFE BUY!” is Raseal Motors Safe Payment & Shipping Service whereby Raseal Motors assures to make the purchase 100% safe and easy for the buyer. Raseal Motors keeps your money, ships the item on time and takes care of your online transaction throughout the whole process safely all at a low cost!

6 Reasons you have to use SAFE BUY

1. Checking and authentication of products

Before processing the documents, our team will check the vehicle for any scratch and damage, also authenticate the chassis number issued.

2. More photos & video service

If you'd like to see more pictures and real video of the exact vehicle to ensure your mind, ask us when you confirm your order. When you agree on terms of purchase and price, Raseal Motors can provide more images of the item and video. Check the videos on our Youtube channel

3. 100% Refund Guaranteed

You will get refunded 100% in case you do not receive the said item!


4. Easy shipping & handling of documents

Raseal Motors holds the item and sends it directly to the customers port on a vessel. You will receive Original B/L documents within short period of time.

5. Full Customer Support throughout Transaction

Don't be afraid. You won't work with a computer, but you can work with your "Person in Charge" throughout the deal and our staff will respond quickly to your request. Feedback is guaranteed within one working day!

6. Multi-language Support

Our English, French, Arabic and Hindi customer service staff will provide you with full customer service throughout the transaction. Get served and feel more comfortable in your language.

Raseal Motors secures your vehicle safely at the port yard.

After the buyer confirms and sends the money to Raseal Motors, we process the needful documents and send the vehicles to the respected shippers port yard. The vehicles will then be secured safely and waiting to be shipped abroad the arranged vessel. Do not worry about the shipping process, Raseal Motors is holding your vehicles safely.