How to Pay

What is “SAFE BUY!”(S.B)?

“SAFE BUY!” is Raseal Motors Safe Payment & Shipping Service whereby Raseal Motors assures to make the purchase 100% safe and easy for the buyer. Raseal Motors keeps your money, ships the item on time and takes care of your online transaction throughout the whole process safely all at a low cost!

How can I make payment?

Transfer money via T/T to Raseal Motors bank account to make a payment after choosing a vehicle for purchase.
Review the Raseal Motors staff invoice and transfer the total amount by T/T's to Raseal Motors bank account. Send us a copy of the receipt for confirmation by our accounts department.

Is it possible to make split payments?

Because of high bank charges, we suggest you transfer money one time. However, the bill can be split up to 2-3 times before shipping if the buyer is unable to clear the payment once. Please note that the sender (buyer) will bear all bank charges in connection with the transfer. Only after receiving the full- payment, Raseal Motors will start the shipping process.

If the payment is not made within 30 days of the first payment, the reservation will be cancelled automatically and the money will be refunded after a penalty on per car basis.

Can I make payment against BL or after shipping?

No. The full amount must be paid before shipping as the SAFE BUY service will take care of holding your money safely and shipping the item on schedule. Raseal Motors accepts 100% payment and guarantees a safe transaction.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel the purchase after making the payment transfer, a fine will be applicable. Booking will be cancelled if Raseal Motors does not receive the payment in the next 7 days from the date of issuing the quotation.