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We offer a more complete range of services for our clients:

SHIPPING: We have partnered with reputable freight forwarding companies for worldwide shipping and logistical support for your goods.

STUFFING: We can help you stuff 2, 3, 4 or 5 cars per container 40'' high cube, depending on the vehicle size.

SPARE PARTS: They spend more on maintaining existing vehicles as people buy fewer new cars. And that's why we've created this kind of service; it's for people who just enjoy flexibility. The spare parts (lubricants, filters, engine parts & service exchange items) are designed for optimal performance and reliability to function in perfect harmony with your vehicles.

CAR ACCESSORIES: We are also offering car accessories and fixing things for clients who want to make driving their vehicle more convenient and enjoyable. Vehicle parts such as body kits, rims, car alarms, and stereo systems, for different types of vehicles inside-out. We offer installation services to make it easier for customers to buy these items and to encourage repeat business.

VEHICLE CONVERSION: We make all kinds of Conversion Services for vehicles based on your requirements. Explore the wide range of conversions like Steering Change Conversion from Right-Hand Drive to Left-Hand Drive, Conversion to a Pickup with a Crane, Conversion to a Box Body Truck, Conversion to a Garbage Truck, Conversion to a freezer truck, Conversion to a Vacuum Tanker Truck, Waste Water Tanker and so-on.

CONTROL & MONITORING: When you buy something from Dubai, for instance, we can go and do a thorough inspection of the products, verifying their availability and reliability before payment is made.

SOURCING PRODUCTS: If you have any more special needs, we will be delighted to assist you with our numerous and valuable connections in particular throughout Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We believe in service, we believe in relationship, we want you to rely on what we offer: trust, confidence, peace of mind, win-win, respect, reliability, accountability & transparency.