What is “SAFE BUY!”(S.B)?

“SAFE BUY!” is Raseal Motors Safe Payment & Shipping Service whereby Raseal Motors assures to make the purchase 100% safe and easy for the buyer. Raseal Motors keeps your money, ships the item on time and takes care of your online transaction throughout the whole process safely all at a low cost!

Q. Why choose Raseal Motors?

We offer market’s best prices everyday.

Q. Are your vehicles body and mechanical checked?

All our vehicles are brand new never driven (0 Kms), and also we do inspection prior to delivery, to ensure the HIGHEST standards.

Q. Is there any after-sales warranty or guarantee?

Unfortunately, there is no after-sales warranty or guarantee to any vehicles even the most expensive ones sold.

Q. Can you arrange car insurance?

Yes we can arrange for the car insurance limited to UAE market only, however, it will be charged additional.

Q. Can you arrange shipping insurance?

Yes we can arrange for the shipping insurance as well, only if the buyer ships through Raseal Motors. But it will be charged additional, Class-A insurance will cost 0.4% total car value, and Class-C insurance will cost 0.2% total car value.

Q. Can you arrange for Custom Clearance, Logistics and Bank Finances? 

We can assist you with all the above services, but not arrange for it. (We support you on the custom clearance limited to UAE ports only).

Q. Can buyer himself arrange for a shipment of vehicle purchased from Raseal Motors?

Yes off-course, the buyer himself can arrange for a shipment of vehicle purchased from Raseal Motors. But their shipping company should keep a security deposit of 10% value of the vehicle purchased eitherin cash or cheque. The security deposit will be returned back to the shipping company within 5-7 days of submitting the exit papers. However, incase the shipping company fails to submit the exit papers within 27-29 days from the date of issuing documents their security deposit will be encashed.



Q. What documents do you require to purchase a car?

To export the vehicle in personal name a buyer should have a copy or original passport, and if you want the vehicle in company name a buyer should have a copy of their company trade license either in English or Arabic. If the company trade license is in other languages, please get it translated into English. And if you’re purchasing the vehicle for local use in United Arab Emirates, a buyer should have an Emirates ID as well as valid UAE driving license.

Q. On what criteria the documents processed?

The documents are processed depending on the destination countries customs clearance requirement. Our document team will assist you with the needful documents with a best of our knowledge, however, we advise buyer to cross-verify the same in his/her home country and bring into our notice, if they need any additional documents to clear the customs at their destination country.

Q. Are there any additional charges for documents?

As a step forward to strengthen the relationship, we at Raseal Motors are providing basic documents such as Vehicle Clearance Certificate (V.C.C) also known as Export Documents, Invoice and shipping the B/L documents via courier service without charging any extra fee, however, any additional documents required by the buyer to meet his/her destination country norms will be charged additional depending based on the documents required.